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I have been raped twice, once when I was 19 and again when I was 36.  I never truly dealt with either rape.  In February I was a news story about Silent No Longer and I contacted them.  It was a gift from heaven when they emailed me back.  They understood what I was feeling, they help realize I was not to blame, and I was finally able to tell my family.  I had carried that weight for twenty-one years, and thanks to Silent No Longer TN, that weight is lifted.

- Ashley P.

I attended a Silent No Longer TN workshop in 2018.  The instructor was very knowledgeable but was able to explain things using easy to understand words and examples.  She also really encouraged us to participate in the discussion and wanted our opinions and thoughts.  I have gone to at least a couple dozen workshops, and this was by far the best I have ever attended.  I would recommend Silent No Longer TN to anyone wanting their staff to learn about sexual assault.

- Rev. Susan

I was assaulted just a few weeks after #metoo.  I went to the #metoo caucus at the Women's March conference, and went to a workshop they held two months later.  There were not many people there, but the lady who led the workshop never missed a beat.  She turned the workshop into more of a round table discussion and made us all feel like we were all part of the team.  I learned more that day than I have learned at any workshop, class or conference before or since.  I highly recommend Silent No Longer TN.

- Patricia C.


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